Our Mission

It all started at home in my adolescence. I would constantly get caught drawing on the walls in an attempt to express my vivid imagination and I had an obsession with sneakers. As I grew older I realized I couldn’t afford to have new shoes 24/7, but if I took care of them they’d last until the soles wore off. Once people saw how I was able to make a pair of shoes last throughout school years, they started to take notice, I began taking orders in high school. Most of my jobs consisted of Jordan midsole repaints and cleanings. This was second nature from being a natural born hustler it was in my blood.

 I always liked to draw and since I was already repainting Jordans, it was almost common sense to begin customizing shoes. I began hand painting shoes out of my room watching youtubers, such as sneakerheadinthebay for tutorials.  Over the years, I’ve always done it on the side along with many jobs as well as joining the national guard.It wasn’t until 2018 that I realized I can put my same efforts that I was putting in for an employer into myself and my own business.

As the business persists, I will learn more skills every year. Even though this site’s main purpose is for sneakers. I am determined to paint anything and everything. Examples of this are found in the gallery page, where it showcases several pieces from motorcycles, helmets, clothes and even firearms. As Red Customs grows as a brand I will continue to grow as a businessman. Additionally, I will find new ways to network, market, and get my artwork to as many people as humanly possible.

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