Custom Sneakers

Our goal is to create 1 of 1 custom sneakers for sports, fashion, and all around wear


Slippery Rock Black Arts Festival

Slippery Rock University held a Arts Festival on campus last year. Of course, I had the pleasure to share my story and custom sneakers with multiple students.

Pittsburgh Art Show

Last fall I was invited to present some of my artwork and custom sneakers alongside many talented artist. Additionally, the opportunity gave me more motivation to create better pieces.


Q: What is the most rewarding part about customizing sneakers?

A: Seeing the reactions on the customers faces when they receive their custom sneakers is the most rewarding part. Additionally, being able to bring someones idea and making it become an reality.

Our services

Sneaker Customization

My primary service is offering one of a kind sneaker customization. Furthermore my goal is to create a walking masterpiece for each client. Anyhow, all of my custom sneakers are completely waterproof.

Sneaker Restoration

Second, we offer the service of restoring slightly damaged sneakers. Next, this ranges from un-yellowing soles to brand new and repainting sneakers.

Additional Artwork

Additionally, we offer artwork on mostly any canvas. Although, our primary service is custom sneakers. Likewise we offer customization on canvases like football cleats, helmets, remote controllers, and much more.

Digital Art & Custom Vinyls

Finally, we offer the creation of digital media artwork and custom vinyls. RedCustoms have designed dozens of company logos and artist vinyls.

Customers reviews

"We were thrilled with the quality of the work we received from RedCustoms. I selected a few key pieces of art that I wanted to be a part of the custom kicks I shared with my husband as a gift on our wedding day. Above all, the results far exceeded my expectations and really captured all of his identity rolled into an incredible shoe and piece of art. In other words, I highly recommend Redcustoms for a creative and quality experience." -Lee Bell
Lee Bell
"Redcustoms represents a very talented brand. Everything I envisioned for my customized inquiry was delivered beautifully. I am overly satisfied with the finished product and the professional service provided. I would highly recommend Red Customs to anybody seeking customized shoes, attire, paintings and etc In other words..... red customs is definitely the place you wanna go for all your customized ideas!! He will bring everything you ask for to life! Super dope, professional, and passionate artistry!" IG: @lolaaa_x3
Lola Astrid
"Redcustoms gave me exactly what I was looking for and more worked at a great fast rate for a great price. Of course I will be going back to have my cleats and accessories are done." IG:@pinestar11
"Getting my shoes customized at Redcustoms took my shoe game to a different level. I advise everyone to get custom sneakers there, he paints on everything." IG: @carlos_dotson
"Redcustoms really and knows how to work with his clients. Additionally his work is phenomenal and every time I wear his custom sneakers in public I get numerous of compliments. Based on my experience I can tell he is going to go far because he loves art and making clients happy." IG: @jagwirestudio
"Redcustoms is honestly one of the best sneaker designer in the city. Each custom are truly one of a kind pieces for that individual customer. In fact, no job is too small or too large for him to handle.

Custom Sneakers